Denver’s safety awareness: How to Prepare


Emily Barden writes, Due to recent storms and flash floods in the Denver area…

Due to recent storms and flash floods in the Denver area, the safety of Denver’s general public is becoming a major issue. Thankfully, there are people whose jobs are especially equipped for these situations. Carolyn Bluhm, of the community relations department in the Mayor’s office of Emergency Management, helps people prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. Bluhm states, “Denver is only as prepared as the citizens are.” when questioned about the preparation for emergency situations. She declares that every home should have an urgent situation communicating system such as cellular devices, emergency kits, which should include nonperishable food, water, a flashlight, and medical supplies. A volunteer for the joint information center of Denver, Lynn Kimbrough, also assists the general public when disaster strikes, but in a whole different way. While Bluhm helps prepare the public against natural disasters, Kimbrough informs the community where the disaster is striking at the moment and where it will go. She also gives people information on what to do to save their property and their lives*. *for more information about general safety, call 311