Prepare for the Unprepared


Simone LeBaron writes, BY: Simone LeBaron and Kristina KarischIf you have to evacuate…

BY: Simone LeBaron and Kristina KarischIf you have to evacuate, most people get so caught up in the panic that they usually forget to pack all the necessities, such as food and water. A disaster kit can save you the trouble of worrying about what to pack and even save your life. In an emergency, it’s a good idea to have a plan with your family and a disaster kit.A disaster kit should contain things to keep you safe and healthy in the event of a crisis. Keep your kit close to you and in a handy spot at all times, you might want to keep a second kit in your car. Some of the more important items on the list are food, water, flashlight, first aid kit, medications, clothing, passports, identification ect., toilet paper, money, map, and a family meeting place. Make a checklist so you always have everything prepared in your kit. Talk to your family and arrange a meeting place in case you get sepperated. A disater kit is a precaution you should take to keep you and your family healthier and safer when the unthinkable happens.Also, if you have a pet, or know someone with one, it is a smart idea to pack it an extra disaster kit. Some important intems in the kit may include, but aren’t limited to: pet food and water for at least three days, medications, treats, copies of records, collars/tags/microchip I.D., bowls, first aid kit, beds, toys, etc.Having a seperate kit for your pet is a smart idea, since no one really wants to leave their pet at home during an evacuation. In case, you should already have a few options of where you could leave your pet.We hope the tips help keep you safe in case of an emergency. Additional tips and Q.&A. can be found on the “Ready Colorado” brochures.Carolyn Bluhm from the Denver Office of Emergency services said it’s important to be prepared. “Denver is only as prepared as its citizens.”