Saftey During Hazards


Hannah Sapienza writes, Daniel Alexander…

Daniel Alexander, the Director of the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, told us all aboutwhat to do for safety during a hazard/ disaster. Some of the hazards are: Snow, rain, fire, tornado, flood, earthquakes and the most dangerous in Denver, lightning.He told us during a fire you should have a place for your family to gather thats out side the house where you can meet so you know where everyone is.This is important because no one will have to go in the house to look for you, putting themself in danger.If there is an emergency while you are alone have a realtive that you can call ,incase your parents don’t pick up, so you can tell them where you are.Its a good idea to have a code word incase someone tells you your parents sent them to pick you up. If your parents did send them they will know the code word and you can trust them.By:Hannah Sapienza,Nina HackleyMelinda Cruz-Truicous