The 16th Street Mall : Traversing Tradition


Christina Tegrotenhuis writes, Amongst the towering skyscrapers and buzzing streets…

Amongst the towering skyscrapers and buzzing streets, the fading paint and the scrabbled stone, lies a place full of sights, sounds, and tastes, ranging from local to exotic. The diversity of people goes that way also, with its different opinions and thoughts. They range from the young and inexperienced to the elderly and well-thought. One of these people is stuck somewhere in between, a teenager, about seventeen years old. I spoke with Audrey in front of a pizza parlor, with the scents of handbaked bread wafting through the smoggy air. What do you enjoy about the 16th Street Mall? “I like the fact that it is very spacious and open. It’s outside, so can go wherever iIwant. At least with my mom’s consent (Her mom giggles). ” Do you enjoy the art and attractions here? “Yes. It seems very unique. My high school artteacher once mentioned that it is a distraction from the graffiti that you normally see in a big city. ” Do you enjoy the people here? “Yes. It is very diverse, and there is a variety of people to talk and laugh with. ” Do you usually take the Mall Ride here? “Yes. My mom works as an accountant for the Resort, and we come here on her lunch breaks. ” It was nice talking with you, Audrey. “You too.”