Girl’s Pocket Holds More than Spare Change


Nickie Finnegan writes, In the novel…

In the novel, Angel in my Pocket, written by Ilene Cooper, an eleven year-old girl named Bette finds a small coin among a charity fund that changes her life. This fascinating story follows the angel coin and those who possess it, showing how each character with the medallion encounters an angel in disguise. It is a touching and unique book that has a deep moral.I thoroughly enjoyed Angel in my Pocket because of the constant change of setting throughout the story and the unexpected twists and turns in the character’s lives.Although I was fond of this novel, it’s definitely not for everyone. Those who like deep and moving stories should pick up Angel in my Pocket for sure. It’s not necessarily filled with action, but is full of internal conflicts and tough descisions. If you enjoy fast-paced books, then I wouldn’t recommend this story.Angel in my Pocket is a relatively short book, but it’s slow-paced. Even though the novel seems lengthy, it’s definitely worth the read!