ROBLOX, a fun and safe environment for kids!


Ryan Shea writes, ROBLOX Corp.

ROBLOX Corp. is a San Mateo, California based children’s website, where you have moderated fun for children of all ages! Not only do the kids have fun with it, but parents can moderate/view there children’s permissions, in advance. The whole website is moderated, and runs like clockwork. ROBLOX is currently a private company, and hosts millions of children playing 20+ minute sessions each time they get online. ROBLOX is TRUSTe certified website that protects children’s privacy. The Better Business Bureau rates it as an Accredited Business. You can play for free, and can upgrade for a membership. Also, ROBLOX has the building feature, where your child can build their own creations, and learn how to program them to make them do things! ROBLOX’s website is