Determination Pays Off


Victoria Pumilio writes, Devil’s Head Fire LookoutIn June of 2010, I made the 1.

Devil’s Head Fire LookoutIn June of 2010, I made the 1.4 mile trek to the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout in Douglas County, Colorado. I remember my hiking pals telling me to keep going when I would stop to give up; if I gave up that day, I would have missed seeing a great sight.At first, the trail starts shaded by large aspens then (if it’s very sunny) you are hit by a sudden wave of light. The sun will beat down on you for the rest of the hike. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a couple spots on the way that will provide you shade. As you get up to a higher elevation, some beautiful and interesting sights will become visible; sometimes on the trail, some will surround you. Then, the sights will disappear and you’re left with Tuscan red dirt in front of you and around you. But keep going, it won’t be dirt for long. Soon, you come to a big turn in the trail. In the middle there is a sign, it encourages you to keep going. You’re half way there!After more sights and more red dirt and rocks, you climb through a small space between some large rocks. When you emerge you see a large, circular meadow. Birds chirp, the smell of pine trees fill the air. As you look around at the surrounding mountains, towering rocks block your view and there are a bunch of stairs leading up the rocks.Then you also see a building on the rocks. What’s that for? As you walk up the 143 stairs, you’ll find a few informative signs: it’s a fire lookout, the original lookout cabin was built in 1912, you can see about 100 miles in each direction when your at the top. Pretty cool uh? When you get into the lookout cabin there is a huge compass in the middle of the room. It’s used to find the exact location of a fire.At the end of your visit you get a card from one of the rangers that says you are now a member of the “ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ORDER OF SQUIRRELS.” This hike and the reward of its wonderful views prove that determination pays off in the long run! Becoming part of the “ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ORDER OF SQUIRRELS” isn’t too bad either!