KidPub: A Great Website for Young Authors


Lots of kids around the world love writing and this website is the place for them.

Lots of kids around the world love writing and this website is the place for them. KidPub is a safe, friendly website for young authors everywhere where they can share their stories, poems, and ideas. On KidPub, other people give you feedback on what you post, or you can give them feedback. Whether it is a chapter from a novel or a poem, there is almost a 100% guarantee that you will get feedback.


Not all feedback will be on how great your story is, though. There is something on KidPub called CC, or Constructive Criticism. It's where other KidPubbers politely tell you what you could change in your story. This can really help to improve your writing skills.


Also on KidPub there is something called a Writer's Block Forum. You can post threads on it, but other than that, I didn't really get this part of the website. I think it was meant to be kind of like the social part of KidPub, but it was still very confusing.


The coolest part of this website was how you could publish novels on it. There is a place called the KP Bookstore where you can buy other kids' books or send one of your own books to get published. Every time someone buys your book, you get 10 to 15% royalty, which basically means each time your book is bought, you get a little bit of the money.


I truly love KidPub and visitit almost every day. Membership on KidPub is $12.95 per year, but I think it is worth more than that. You can go to to start your account. After you sign up and especially if you love to write,you will have lots of fun. I guarantee it.