Summertime Storms


Annie Borelli writes, Thunderstorms are notorious for beginning as enormous…

Thunderstorms are notorious for beginning as enormous, extremely misshapen marshmallows that are fit for your everyday fairy princess animation. A few drops of rain here, a few drops there, a few drops through the window someone left open upstairs. One of my favorite phrases: “Don’t worry- it’ll blow over.”However, give your average cluster of cotton half an hour, and suddenly you’re hopelessly soaked- with scream-inducing bolts of electricity slicing the sky above your head into deadly strips. Not to mention the smoldering black clouds that have somehow replaced the blobs of down that previously occupied the unpredictable Colorado sky.It’s hard to forecast our beloved state’s breathtaking, yet often uncertain atmosphere, especially during summer. This week’s weather provides the perfect example. Today: Scattered T-storms. Wednesday: Isolated T-storms. Thursday: Isolated T-storms again. Friday: Mostly Sunny (just to throw you off a little bit). And Saturday: We’re back to isolated T-storms. But I wouldn’t rely too much on the forecast. A veteran Coloradan would recommend packing a parka, a ski cap, some gloves, a few tank tops, and maybe a swimsuit when heading out into the whimsical unknown.Although Florida ranks the highest in the country for lightning-related injuries and deaths, Colorado takes tenth, with 394 deaths and injuries between 1954 and 1994. Most accidents happen when a victim is standing out in the open without cover, is in or near water, or is standing under a tree. Unfortunately, golfers are like sitting ducks when it comes to thunderstorms; a golf course’s setting provides the perfect playground for disaster. So whether you live on the north, south, west, or east side of the state, you’re probably going to witness some sort of wicked thunderstorm that looks like it’s right out of Harry Potter this summer. Brought to you courtesy of Colorado.