Were you “Wonderstruck” by Hugo Cabret?


If you read "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and loved it, try "Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick"!


If you read "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" and loved it, try "Wonderstruck, by Brian Selznick"!


This novel focuses on two characters, who answer to Ben and Rose. Both are deaf, although Ben lost his hearing to lightning, and Rose was most likely born deaf. Ben is still grieving over his mother, who died recently in a car crash. Tired of living with his aunt and uncle, he runs away to a place he's always wanted to visit, a city called Duluth. Ben visits the museum he's dreamed about since he was a little boy, and meets a young boy near the wolf diorama. Jamie communicates with Ben via pen and paper, and shows Jamie around the museum. He also tells Ben about a strange old lady who is always near the lifelike diorama of wolves.


Rose, who is not so different from Ben, has a secret. Her mother is never home, and her father just doesn't understand her. One night, Rose slips out of the house, and takes a train to the Big City. She sneaks into a theater, where a very famous actress is practicing for her new play. Readers are left to wonder why Rose would put herself in so much danger to see a complete stranger act in a play she's never heard of. Ben and Rose share a connection-but what is it? Find out in "Wonderstruck," which will be published September 13, 2011.


"Wonderstruck" is a unique book, told not only with words, but with pictures. Despite being more than 600 pages long, it is a very quick read. I would recommend this book to fourth graders and up. I loved this book, because it was different from anything I've ever read before, and you will find yourself caring about the characters as if you actually knew them. Be one of the first to read "Wonderstruck," by Brian Selznick.