“The Gift” of a great book


Ella Fogarty writes, The world is ending.

The world is ending. The One who is the One has taken over, and magic of any kind is forbidden. This is the grave premise in The Gift, the second installation in the Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson. The only ray of hope for anyone are the witch and wizard, Whit and Wisty. The siblings and their band of misfits are currently living in an old department store, trying to find some way to stop The One Who is the One. The book begins with a public execution, where Wisty is about to be murdered. Whit desperately tries to save her, but it’s too late. Wisty disintegrates into a cloud of blackness, and then she’s gone. But is she? In the end, it turns out that The One has killed a close friend of the Freeland, by the name of Margo, and pretended it was Wisty. But why? Wisty’s not the only one with problems. Whit has been hearing voices, but they’re not any old voice. It’s the voice of his old girlfriend, Celia, who was captured by the New Order. No one knows what happened to her, but Whit is determined to find her. The witch and wizard continue on their quest to stop The One who is the one, and his new order. Will they set aside their own problems, and focus on saving the world? Can they do it? Read The Gift by James Patterson to find out. I would recommend this novel to anyone who read the first Witch and Wizard book and loved it. The same characters are back with even more personality, and the story itself is unpredictable and surprising. The Gift is aimed at kids in grades 6 and up, because it’s scary in some parts.