Wild West Shoot Out at Glenwood Springs


Shae Henley writes, Pow!

Pow! Pow! That’s what you might hear if you saw the shoot out between Doc Holliday and Kid Curry at Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs. Doc Holliday was a wild west outlaw. In the show he wore a cowboy outfit and had lots of guns. R.W. Boyle played Doc Holliday, and Mike Miller was Kid Curry. I asked R.W a few questions, and he answered them. Here they are. I asked why he’s interested in Doc Holliday. R.W said Doc Holliday “was a good dentist, first class gambler, and a deadly shootist.” He said Doc Holliday had loyalty to friends, and he was a good citizen. He was courageous and helped hunt down outlaws. R.W Boyle liked to play cowboys and Indians when he was young and has always been interested in western history. He is now doing The Old West Daily Reader, a subscription western history website at www.oldwestdailyreader.com. Now he is 70 years old and has done over 1,000 performances. He does the Halloween Ghost Walk performance at Linwood Cemetery in Glenwood Springs every year. R.W.’s website is www.dochollidaylive.biz if you want to learn more about him. R.W. does good shows and is really amazing. You can even pose for a wild west picture with him.