Drive-Through Pizza!


Most pizza restaurants promise that 'if it's not delivered in 30 minutes, it's free'.

Most pizza restaurants promise that 'if it's not delivered in 30 minutes, it's free'. While Mad Dash Pizza and Wings in Chico, California doesn't promise free pizza, you can expect food to arrive, hot and fresh from the oven, in minutes. Mad Dash is the first ever drive through, made to ordering restaurant. Mad Dash offers a variety of fresh toppings, including Canadian bacon, peppers, pineapple, and other fresh ingredients as toppings. On a 12-in personal pizza, you can choose from four sauces, as well as from 24 toppings, 9 meat, and 15 veggie. To ensure freshness, Mad Dash has recently installed a vegetable garden on the roof of the building.


In addition to pizza, you can also buy chicken wings. Like the pizzas, these are ready in minutes. there are five levels of sauces available for the wings to be tossed in: Single Dash (the lowest level of heat), Double Dash, Mad Dash, Final dash, and After Dash, or you choose to get them without sauce. The spiciness of foods is measured by Scoville Heat Units(SHU). If a food is rated 1,000 SHU, that means it takes 1,000 parts sugar water to dilute one part of that food. The sauces range from one hundred to more than one hundred thousand SHU.


Plus, Mad Dash Pizza and wings offers two wing eating challenges, a one-person and a two-person. The one-person, 'Urn your wings' requires you to scarf down twelve After Dash wings in six minutes without napkins, drinks, or crying for the duration and five minutes afterward. It costs ten dollars, and participants are required to sign a waiver, and if you succeed, you get bragging rights and a Mad Dash T-shirt. The other challenge, 'Wing Slicer', is a two-person. The participants have six minutes to battle over eleven wings, with the same rules as the 'Urn Your Wings': no napkins or drinks. The player who eats more wings gets a t-shirt and the loser has to pay.


Mad Dash also serves artisan bread breadsticks, all-natural citrus milkshakes (to help numb the pain from the spicy chicken sauces), and 'Cinny Dippers', miniature cinnamon rolls. I chose wings without sauce, and mom got a personal pizza. Both of our meals were delicious and flavorful when fresh, although they didn't make for good leftovers.


If you're ever in Chico, California, be sure to stop by Mad Dash Pizza and Wings!