Fair Catches the Eye


Katherine Hueston writes, Come and share the fun with your family today!

Come and share the fun with your family today! At the Denver County Fair you can come and enjoy yourself on July 28th-31st.You can walk through the Stalk Show Complex you can find jewelry, antiques, and alls sorts of cute accessories.Later, if you decide to get a little sun, then you can go on lots of different rides.There is a space ship that can get spinning pretty fast, a mini tower of doom, a carousel, bumper cars, and, of course a ferris wheel.For the little ones there are some rides that are slow and not too high.If you don’t want to go on any more rides and you still have extra tokens, you can always buy a treat at the concession stands or play for a prize at one of the vendors.Going to the Denver Count Fair was a great way to spend my day, and if you go, I hope that you think so too.