Over 100 Gather to See a Parking Lot Open!?


Abe Lamontagne writes, These are the words of Matt Cohen…

These are the words of Matt Cohen, Second Vice Chair of the RTD board of directors and Chair of the FASTracks committee, as he tries to win over the crowd at the ceremonial opening of the Federal Center Park-n-Ride, explaining to the crowd how a parking lot can be a milestone.RTD FASTracks is a project intended to improve the LightRail Transit (LRT) in the Denver Metro Area. It also will create commuter rail and improve bus service by creating new Park-n-Rides. It has 11 projects including renovating the Denver Union Station.The West Rail Line Project, which is planned to be completed in 2013, will serve people in Denver, Lakewood, and Golden. With twelve stops, from Denver Union Station to the Jeffco Government Center, it will bring in nearly five thousand more parking spaces, with one thousand of the new spaces at the Federal Center Park-n-Ride. The Federal Center Park-n-Ride, not to be confused with the Federal/Decatur and Federal Boulevard stations on the West Rail and Gold Lines, is near 2nd and Union in Lakewood. It is expected for nearly 10,000 passengers to board or deboard at the Federal Center LRT station (no buses included in the number) each day in 2030. It opened Sunday, July 31, 2011, but the unofficial grand opening ceremony was on Thursday, July 28th, 2011.The grand opening attracted over 100 people. There were detailed posters, speeches, and a hybrid bus driving by with a balloon release. Bob Murphy, mayor of Lakewood, has been helping plan for the West Rail Line since 1995, and so he was there. Also, Jacob, the son of Matt Cohen was there, and Jacob thought, as well as his dad, that public transportation was really helpful not only to the environment but to communities that have public transportation. “This shows that people will have more transportation choices now,” according to Jacob. State Representative Andy Kerr was also there. “This will help the local economy,” Rep. Kerr said. Many RTD board members were also there (including, of course, Matt Cohen).So what is the big deal with a bus driving by? It is a sign of what the future really needs to be, with the first station created on the first line of a huge project in the Denver area. The Federal Center PNR will replace the nearby Cold Spring PNR.To learn more about RTD, go to http://www.rtd-denver.com/InsideRTD.shtml.To learn more about FASTracks, go to http://www.rtd-fastracks.com/.To learn more about the West Rail Line project, go to http://www.rtd-fastracks.com/wc_1.To learn more about the Cold Spring-Federal Center switchover, go to http://www.rtd-fastracks.com/wc_2.To learn more about detours because of similar work, go to http://www3.rtd-denver.com/elbert/news/index.cfm?id=1813.