Ring of Fire


Gracie Finnegan writes, The Ring of Fire, written by Italian author P.

The Ring of Fire, written by Italian author P.D. Baccalario, is full of friendship, magic, mystery, and secrets. Four twelve-year-olds are looking forward to their New Year in Rome until a misunderstanding forces them to share a room. Harvey, the pessimist, comes from New York, Sheng from Shanghi, Mistral from Paris, and Elettra, the owners daughter, lives in the hotel. While the group is walking around the town a strange man gives them a briefcase and later that night is murdered. When the kids open the case they find themselves on an adventure searching for a strange object, The Ring of Fire. I thouroughly enjoyed this book. I would highly recommend it to adventure lovers. This story is very fast paced and full of suspense. Even though it’s two hundred-ninety pages I read it in three days for it was so good. Third through sixth graders should definitely read this book!