One, Two, Three strikes, you’re out


Erin Moriarty writes, On Wednesday, August 3, a large group of Senior Youth Reporters got tickets to a Colorado Rockies Game.

On Wednesday, August 3, a large group of Senior Youth Reporters got tickets to a Colorado Rockies Game. Although the Rockies have had a sporadic record this season, Mom and I figured that, because they had lost that last few games, they were due a win. Our first hurdle was getting there. After missing the RTD bus we had planned on catching, mom and I hopped on the next number 1 bus we saw, only to realize that it was going the wrong direction-away from Coors Field. Luckily, it turned around not too long after we boarded, delaying our arrival by only half an hour, meaning that we arrived at the same time as we would have if we had waited and caught the next bus going the right direction. The bus dropped us off about six blocks from the stadium. It was a nice walk and we passed numerous vendors and performers on the streets. Before the game started, eighteen kids got to play a game of kickball on left field with Dinger. The game started at 1:10, and Hammel, the Rockies starting pitcher, walking the first three of the Phillies batters. The Phillies were off to a head start, scoring once in the first inning and not three, but four times in the second inning. At the bottom of the second the score was 5 to 3, with Philadelphia in the lead. The game didn’t improve for the Rockies after that; Fowler scored once in the third inning, and again after hitting a triple in the fifth. Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Phillies scored once in the fourth and twice in the sixth, ensuring their lead. Helton hit a home run in the eighth inning, but, as the Phillies were ahead eight to five before that, it wasn’t enough to gain the lead or even scrape some extra innings. The Rockies ended up losing 6 to 8, but that didn’t dampen our moods that much: The day was nice, with a breeze picking up partway through, and for the last hour section 148, where we were sitting, was completely shaded. Hopefully, the rest of the season will bring the Rockies better luck.