History Alive!!


Picture yourself in a room with Molly Brown, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln.

Picture yourself in a room with Molly Brown, Albert Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln. This is what it was like watching the Young Chautauqua Performers on August 2nd under a big tent at Aims Community College in Greeley. I enjoyed meeting and watching students portray historical characters. Students selected any historical character and spent all year researching them so they can write and perform a script with the help of Senior Chautauqua Performers. "We don't refer to them as actors, they are scholars who have the talent to portray historical characters." says Maggie Coval, executive director.


So who would you pick to be if you had the choice? Paul Revere? Martin Luther King?Amelia Earhart? You could be anyone you want! Before the performance I had the privilege of interviewing Hayden Casdorph, A 7th grader who played the one and only, Albert Einstein, who according to Hayden so amazingly created the theory of relativity. Hayden sees himself, like Einstein, being an engineer when he grows up.


He has been in Young Chautauqua for 2 years just like another performer I got to interview named Bryanna Skelton, a 5th grader, who portrayed Sarah Hale. Bryanna picked Sarah Hale because although she is not well known, she helped make Thanksgiving a National Holiday. Bryanna practices everyday. After a year of practice all of their hard work pays off.


The first performer of the night was Roxanne Jaramillo. Roxanne really knows her Molly Brown, seeing as how she has played her for three years straight! The makes me want to learn more about Molly Brown, who wasn't just a Titanic survivor.


Next up, was Zach Stevens who portrayed Nikola Tesla, an inventor. Ever heard of Tesla coils? Well that's his invention! His performance was hilarious!


Finally, Matti Newman played an Irish activist who fought for women's', labor, and immigrants' rights. Matti was amazing at pretending to have an Irish accent. All three of the performances were absolutely outstanding in their memorization skills and courage.


Obviously, watching there was a good time. And let's not forget how much learning is involved! So can education be fun? You bet your Molly Brown it can! The Young Chautauqua Performers are a sight to see. For more information visit http://www.coloradohumanities.org/content/young-chautauqua.