More Fun on Pottermore


Jillian Skurcenski writes, Pottermore. is a free website for all ages that is built around the Harry Potter books. This website was created because, since the last movie and book came out, J.K. Rowling thinks that people will eventually stop watching and reading Harry Potter. officially launches in October, but some lucky people can open early on July 31, which is Harry’s birthday. To view the site before the official launch in October, you have to find the Magical Quill. Each day on the homepage, a clue will be available in Hogwarts (the school where the book takes place). If you’re one of the lucky few to understanding the clue and enter it, you will get early access to the site. The clues are ordered each day by the order of the Harry Potter book series. For example, on the first day, there will be a clue that relates to the 1 st book (The Sorcerer’s Stone), on the second day the clue will relate to the second book (The Chamber of Secrets), and so on. If you don’t find the quill, don’t worry, you can still enter the site in October. On the site, you will be able to learn new things about Harry Potter and purchase audio books and eBooks of the Harry Potter series. Never before have you been able to purchase eBooks of the series, so get your electronic reading devices ready! From watching J.K. Rowling’s preview video on the website homepage, it looks like it will be a big hit!