Child Stars are Just Normal Kids


Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook get up at 5:30 each morning.

Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook get up at 5:30 each morning. A van takes them from the apartment where they live to the studios, where hair and makeup transform them into Rebecca and Cecil Wilson, the new Spy Kids. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D, a new installment in the Spy Kids series that began a decade ago, opens on August 19th.


This movie has all new stars, along with some familiar faces. Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook went through about five months of auditions, consisting of numerous callbacks that put them in different scenes and paired them with other actors to see who looked alike, worked well together, or where there was a connection.


One of the most "normal" things in a kid's life is school. Blanchard and Cook go to school too. "We have a school trailer, and in between takes or if they're setting up the shot we'd go to the school trailer and do school," explains Cook. Blanchard tells me that having a set teacher is like being home-schooled: "It's one on one so you can talk to your teacher and you can focus on any subject you really need help with." Most of their time, however, is spent working on the filming of the movie. There's so much shooting to do that there is often very little time to learn the script – sometimes only five minutes. Plus,"sometimes we'll get the script and then at 11:30 at night we'll get a revised script with all new lines," says Cook. Blanchard adds, "and then the next morning, [Robert Rodriguez, the director,] would change it again."


Despite all the time on set, Blanchard and Cook are really just normal kids. They play soccer and whiffel ball during free time between takes, and they once hid from everyone in a large cabinet in the bathroom of the school trailer, not realizing that everyone was looking for them. Mason Cook says, when he's telling about the event, that "Rowan's mom actually opens the door and doesn't realize that there's two kids in the cabinet." Also, Blanchard wants to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Cook would like to see the new "Captain America" movie. You can follow Mason Cook and Rowan Blanchard on Twitter. Rowan's account is @ROWblanchard, and Mason's is @TheMasonCook.