Great Gaming, Lower Price


Elazar Krausz writes, Have you been wanting to get a portable gaming device…

Have you been wanting to get a portable gaming device, but couldn’t really afford to shell out the $130 for a PlayStation Portable (PSP)? If so, Sony, the makers of the PSP, want to save you some work, and assure you that you won’t be needing to mow lawns or shovel snow to make your gaming dreams come true.In a recent announcement, Sony announced an updated version of the PSP 3000. This device sports a slightly updated design, and, with it’s new budget price, promises to give gamers everywhere a slightly less expensive gaming experience.The new device will be available in Europe this fall, at a significantly lower cost €99, versus the previous model’s European price of €130. Sony didn’t give any info about the American launch, but, if the American version is discounted at the same rate as the European version, we can expect it to cost around $100 when it is released here.This announcement seems to good to be true, but there is one explanation for the lower price. The new PSP will not come with the WiFi capabilities found in every previous PSP model. So while you won’t get the WiFi capabilities, you will get a great gaming experience at a significantly lower price.