Wind Walker Course is a Blast!


Rebecca Bloomfield writes, Looking for an exciting way to end the summer?

Looking for an exciting way to end the summer? The Wind Walker Challenge Course at Cave of the Winds, (near Manitou Springs) is a great adventure spot. The Wind Walker Course is a maze of platforms, wooden walks with boards at challenging angles to walk on, swaying wires, and jiggling ropes that you work your way through. You’re at heights of 20-60 feet above the ground the whole time, testing your limits and making your way through all the obstacles. Kids of all ages, as long as they are more than 48 inches tall enjoy this course. If you love climbing, thrills, and adventure, the Wind Walker course is the place for you! You’re hooked into a harness at the beginning, which is like a climbing harness but more comfortable, so there is no danger of falling. But hold on tight as you make your way over the drop above Williams Canyon!Cave of the Winds is located six miles from Colorado Springs on Highway 24.Cave of the Wind’s hours are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the summer.Tickets for the Wind Walker course are $15 per person.