On the Road to Recovery: A Wild Animal Sanctuary


Deep in the heart of Colorado, surrounded by flowers and farmlands, is a wild animal sanctuary that is home to dozens of remarkable animals.

Deep in the heart of Colorado, surrounded by flowers and farmlands, is a wild animal sanctuary that is home to dozens of remarkable animals. Bears that have been mistreated for 20 years are now on the road to recovery, as well as herds of lions, tigers, mountain lions, and wolves.


It is a magnificent sight to see the majestic tigers sunbathing and swimming right underneath your feet. Walking up a concrete ramp to an elevated platform, with the vague sight of grizzly and black bears playing and tumbling around in the distance, is almost magical.


When you first visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary, you naturally assume that the animals have always been there. But when you see videos and learn more about why these magnificent creatures are living at the sanctuary, you become horrified at the cruelty and abuse these animals have suffered.


An example of one of these heart-wrenching stories is one of 15 bears. These bears were forced to live in a small, dirty, cramped cage, with hardly enough room for all 15 of them to lie down. The poor bears were forced to drink their own urine because of the lack of water that they were given, and they had no place to hibernate for the winter. However, the bears' life took a turn for the better when the Wild Animal Sanctuary realized what was going on and rescued the bears, who are now living happily at the sanctuary, enjoying the freedom of their new life. When the bears first arrived at the sanctuary, after 20 years of abuse and misery, they were afraid to walk on the grass, having never seen anything like it in their lives. Tentative at first, the bears eventually overcame their fears, and now their past life is no more than a distant memory.


Stories like these will make you furious at the people who have abused animals, forced them to live in cramped cages and in their own backyards, feed lions cat food and stray dogs from the pound, and played a hand in making America the country where the most tigers live in captivity.


The sanctuary is run by Pat Craig, who has broken nearly every bone in his body wrestling with tigers and bears. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is home to dozens of wolves, bears, tigers, mountain lions, camels, and sheep. This incredible sanctuary is located in Keenesburg, Colorado. Admission for adults costs $10, and admission for children costs $5. The Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary is open every day except holidays and bad weather. However,it is better to go when it is cooler, because both you and the animals will be more active. Also, to see the bears, sheep and camels, it is a good idea to bring binoculars. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is truly an amazing place. Your heart will be changed forever by these remarkable animals.