Questions for a Senator


Conrad Mata writes, On the evening of August 20…

On the evening of August 20, 2011, Colorado Kids caught up with Senator Michael Bennet, at a fundraising dinner, where he was a guest speaker. This dinner took place at the Sheraton Hotel in the Denver Tech Center.Michael Bennett is the senator of Colorado. He was elected on November 3, 2010. He was originally appointed to the U. S senate in 2009 by governor of Colorado Bill Ritter. Michael Bennet was appointed because the senator at the time, Ken Salazar went to work for President Barack Obama as Secretary of the Interior. Before becoming senator Michael Bennet worked as a business man and was also the superintendent for Denver Public Schools.While he was introducing himself and greeting people, I asked if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions for Colorado Kids. Because he was very interested in communicating to the young readers of Colorado, he happily agreed. In response to the first question “What is the biggest issue to overcome at this point in time?” he answered that in Congress, “People are more concerned about causing problems, than solving them.” Recognizing that certain members of Congress are trying to get their way instead of trying to compromise. When asked “What do you recommend to those who want to be a Senator like you?” Senator Bennet replied, “Work hard. Study Hard. Get lots of experience.” What this means for those who want to be leaders like Senator Bennet, they have to be good students, look for opportunities to gain practice on your leadership skills, and above all, not be afraid of hard work.Upon the close of the interview, Senator Bennet shook my hand, and thanked me for the opportunity to talk to kids of Colorado. He then moved into the crowded fundraiser, to the cheers of hundreds.