Fall Fun: 3-Mile Hike


Aren't aspens so pretty in the fall?

Aren't aspens so pretty in the fall? If you want to see some of these gorgeous yellow-leafed trees this fall I would recommend taking the beautiful and quite fun 3-Mile hike through pine forests, rocky terrain and lush meadows. This long, yet enjoyable hike has 14 individual stream crossings, wild raspberries, and to top it all off hiking is really fun and is great exercise! It is called 3-Mile hike because the trail head is 3 miles from the highway exit; not because the hike is three miles. If you went all the way to the end of the trail and back the distance would probably be about 10 miles round trip.


The very first time I "hiked" this hike was when I was four months old; I went with my parents and my grandmother: Jeanette Keeran. Since then I have walked this trail many, many times.


To get there from Denver take Hampden west which turns into US 285 or take the west US 285 exit off of C 470. When you come to Grant, CO. turn right on Guanella Pass Road and go 3 miles where you will find the trail head on the right. There is a parking lot but currently, due to road construction, some of the parking lot is taken up by concrete barriers. This drive will probably take about an hour and a half; depending on traffic. Once you get there you will have to fill out a form to hike.


I would suggest bringing a picnic and picnicking in a meadow where there are wild raspberries (which are delicious and are totally safe to eat) and where you can see the cliffs clearly (this is because you can almost always see eagles and falcons by their homes, the cliffs). This hike is great for artists, a workout, or for just spending quality time with family and friends!