Service Dogs: The Real Deal


Service Dogs are very important in this world. They help many people with all sort of things, such as blindness, diabetes, and seizures.

Service Dogs are very important in this world. They help many people with all sort of things, such as blindness, diabetes, and seizures. For people that just see the service dogs, they think that they are there to just do a job, but the service dogs are more than that. Service dogs are family. They are really significant because they save lives. Service dogs are priceless to the people they care for.


I'm here with Regan Anema, a sixth grader from Euclid Middle School in Littleton, and her service dog, Beamer. Beamer is a very good service dog, and is very helpful to Regan. Regan seems to enjoy having Beamer at school. Beamer helps her in case she has a seizure. Beamer is an extraordinary service dog. He can do many things. He can unplug the bathtub, turn off the lights, pick up stuff, and can set an alarm off. Then people will know that Regan is in danger of having a seizer.


Beamer is a Medical Detective, which is a dog that sniffs out medical problems also, besides being a service dog. When Regan is about to have a seizure, Beamer does things, such as setting an alarm off, to alert people that she is going to have a seizure. Beamer was trained at Great Plans Assistant Dogs in Judnorth, North Dakota. Beamer is actually in a book about Medical Detectives!Regan has had Beamer for a long time. She has had him for three years. Beamer goes everywhere with her. He goes with her to many places, such as school and vacations. Beamer is the only service dog Regan has ever had. They are very special to each other.


Service dogs aren't only there for people with seizures, but are there for many other diseases too. They can be there for people with major allergies, deaf people, blind people, and people with diabetes. Dogs aren't the only service animals out there, there are also miniature horses that help. Although miniature horses are cool, Regan actually likes the dog best.


There isn't any thing that Regan seems to dislike about service dogs, which I bet Beamer likes. Regan admits that it was really hard to learn to work with Beamer, but it was worth it in the end. Beamer isn't a regular pet. Regan says that service dogs are so much better and easier. Beamer fits really well into Regan's family. That is very impressive! Beamer fits really well into class when Regan has to go to school. Many people want to pet Beamer and hug him, but he is there to protect Regan. Beamer justs sits around when Regan is in class, but he actually has a water dish in a classroom in case he gets thirsty. Regan considers Beamer her BFF, and will always love him and treasure him.


This interview shows people that service dogs are a big part of many lives. They make a big impact in our hearts because of the heroic things they do. The service dogs are heroes in America, and all over the world.