Van Helsing: There’s More To The Family Name


Victoria Pumilio writes, Alex Van Helsing is a troubled fourteen year old boy.

Alex Van Helsing is a troubled fourteen year old boy. Kicked out of a school in the U.S. and currently going to a school by Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Alex finds out there’s more to the family name than just his father’s company. Two vampire attacks and Alex figures there’s more than what is known going on in this area of Switzerland.Sangster- Alex’s literature teacher- is actually an agent for the Polidorium, a vampire-hunting organization. Sangster wants to teach Alex more about the business but when two of Alex’s friends are kidnapped by the head vampire, Icemaker, practice is abruptly ended.Alex decides to travel to the secret vampire university hidden under Lake Geneva; a.k.a. the Scholomance. Will Van Helsing succeed and dodge the bullets, fangs and zombies headed his way?The perfect book for teens that love vampires and adventure. A book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Jason Henderson’s ‘Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising’ is an awesome read. Enjoy!