The Great Mount Evans


Caitlynn Hansen writes, The Great Mount EvansMount Evans is a great place to enjoy hiking with friends and family.

The Great Mount EvansMount Evans is a great place to enjoy hiking with friends and family. It’s also a good place to see lots of wildlife! If you need to get some fresh air and away from the TV, Mount Evans is the place. When you reach the booth you’ll have to pay to get in.Driving to Mount Evans was a pain! It took two and a half hours to get there but we did it. The drive is long because the road is really long and curvy. When you get to the top, look to your right then to your left. Tell me that this is not an incredible view. The altitude up there is 14,265 feet, that’s so cool! The nice thing is there are not always a lot of people so you can stay awhile, unless it gets cold and then you might want to leave. One more thing, if it starts to thunder and lightning you might want to get down low, take cover, or find shelter.The wildlife on Mount Evans is incredible! You are sure to find mountain goats and if you get lucky you might find pikes and marmots like we did. It’s possible for you to even find a hawk. When you get to the top, make sure you look down and see what a beautiful view it is. You can pretty much see everything from here. You can see some of the mountains and even some of downtown. There are rocks everywhere and really cool buildings made of rocks. When you get out of the car take a look around and see all the different kinds of flowers. It is so cool and colorful.So if you ever want to go hiking Mount Evans is the place to go! Bundle up and put on those hiking boots and go on your exiting adventure. Make sure you enjoy the view. Feel the wind rolling in your ears and make sure that you having the best time of your life. Well I hope you take my recommendation and go to MOUNT EVANS. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and have lots of fun!