Dolphin Tale Soars, Winter Warms our Hearts


Many movies are meant to be inspirational, but few actually do the job well.

Many movies are meant to be inspirational, but few actually do the job well. "Dolphin Tale," a movie inspired by a true story, is a movie that really inspires, while being entertaining at the same time.


In "Dolphin Tale," a shy boy named Sawyer Nelson (played by Nathan Gamble), finds a young dolphin lying on a beach, entangled in a crab trap, with severe wounds on her tail. He calls for the dolphin to be rescued. Winter, as Sawyer will soon find out the dolphin has been named, is transported to a marine hospital. Sawyer feels a special connection to Winter, and follows her to the marine hospital, where he meets some of his first real friends, as they struggle to save Winter.


"Dolphin Tale" is an inspiring drama, with some comedic elements, a few of which are a bit childish. The film is great for families, as it gives the message that "family is forever." Although the movie follows the familiar storyline of overcoming challenges that many other feel-good family films do, it does so in a unique and well-done fashion that makes it an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Also, the fact that the story is inspired by a true event makes it especially meaningful.


The cinematography is superb, with underwater scenes really standing out in beauty. If you can catch the movie in 3D, the effects are subtle, making it not look gimmicky, yet enhancing the experience greatly. However, it seems some scenes were added just to take advantage of the 3D effects.


The movie's acting is exceptionally good, starring well known names like Ashley Judd, Morgan Freeman, and Harry Connick Jr. Although some of the other actors are not as well known, all of the acting is good, and seems true to life.


The movie's PG rating is almost entirely due to the graphic depiction of humans and animals with prosthetic limbs. Although it can be slightly disturbing for the younger kids, these scenes really contribute to the significance of the movie's message.


Released in theaters on September 23rd, 2011, "Dolphin Tale" is an extremely well-made inspirational story with a pretty simple plot. Great acting and some interesting twists really make this movie a must-see.