Tony Ortega; Helping Children Paint


The students at Cherry Hills Village Elementary (CHVE)  love to paint.

The students at Cherry Hills Village Elementary (CHVE)  love to paint. Thanks to their art teacher, Tara Roberts they raised money last year to have the art program be even better than the years the before. That's why Tony Ortega came to CHVE.


Tony Ortega wanted to be a painter ever since the day he was born. His grandmother was a seamstress. That means she sews. This is what inspired him to be an artist. Now of course the painting didn't start until he was in his early 20s. Tony went to RMSA, which stands for Rocky Mountain School of Arts. His art teachers helped him become a better artist. Tony went to CU Boulder. His quote is, "art is a way of communicating ideas."Tony Ortega is Mexican and paints expressionistic art. He paints by himself and paints murals with kids. He doesn't just paint for any old people, his murals are usually hung at community centers, schools, and other public places across the country and in Mexico.


Tara Roberts (art teacher at CHVE) learned about Mr. Ortega after the fundraiser. He chose this job from her and the 5th grade KMAC trip, which is, were the fifth graders go on a four- day camping trip in the mountains.


If you ever walk in to a public place in Colorado, you may find expressionistic painting of wildlife and children. It may just so be one of Tony Ortega's paintings. Children should also ask there teachers if Tony Ortega can come to their school. Otherwise get out your art smock and start painting. You never know when you might become an artist like Tony Ortega.