Local Twins Dance Their Way to Success


Kendall Jordan writes, People don’t usually know what their passion is when they are two years old…

People don’t usually know what their passion is when they are two years old, but twins Natalie and Lauren Hellerstein have always been passionate about dancing.Their mom enrolled them in their first dance class when they were two, and they haven’t stopped since. “I think as we got older, we got more passionate about it, and it kind of continued from there,” Natalie explained. In high school, they were voted co-captains of the Cherry Creek High Poms. They also were awarded second place in two out of their three years of doing poms, and they were interviewed twice on ESPN! In college, they danced on scholarship for the CU Express Dance Team. This is when they decided they were going to open their own dance studio. “I think it was always something we wanted to do, but I don’t think it was until college when we were actually writing a business plan that we were able to determine that it was a way that we could actually have a career doing it,” Natalie said. But what to call it? Lauren came up with the idea of “Dual Star Academy of Dance.” Sometimes people think that Dual Star stands for the twins, but it actually stands for their dual missions: to make kids great dancers, and to help them build self-esteem. The next step was finding teachers. They hired adults that they had either worked with or danced with, and they looked for great personalities as well. Their mom has always supported the two sisters, so she volunteered to be the receptionist. Finally, they opened Dual Star Academy of Dance in the Highlands Ranch studio in September of 2006. They love to teach Kinder Rock (for 2 and 3 year-olds), jazz, lyrical, and ballet but their specialty is definitely pom. Although they start with kids at a preschool age, they have classes for elementary through high schoolers, and even adults! Dual Star also has a competitive Company team that performs at a Nugget’s game, the Butterfly Pavilion, and the Children’s Museum. They also perform in several competitions. Watching the students grow as dancers and as people is the sisters’ favorite part of teaching dance. Natalie commented, “We definitely feel lucky to do what we love!”