“Free Your Glee”


Glee has taken over the hearts of many Americans. It has over 8.2 million viewers and was ranked number one for having the best guest stars.

Glee has taken over the hearts of many Americans. It has over 8.2 million viewers and was ranked number one for having the best guest stars. Glee has had guest stars such as Olivia Newton-John, Charice, Gweneth Paltrow, Josh Groban, Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris, Darren Criss, and many more.


As you all may know, Glee is a musical show that remakes songs. In my opinion, this show makes any song (even Rebecca Black's Friday) sound spectacular. Over the last two seasons, Glee has sung a total of 296 songs and 220 of these are sold on iTunes.Shows such as "The Glee Project" have been inspired after this show. Also, "Glee, the 3D Movie" was created and it talks about how teenagers' lives have changed because of Glee and how it inspired them. It also shows some of the Glee cast performing songs at their live tour. The jewelry store Claire's sells tons of Glee apparel: key chains, phone chains, necklaces, and bracelets. A Glee CD board game was made where you get to "free your glee." Original novels were written about this show. One of those books was called "Glee, The Beginning" which tells you what happened to the characters before the first season started. Okay, so maybe America is a LITTLE obsessed with Glee.


But why was Glee ranked so high and why do certain people love it SO much? First of all, mostly teenagers watch this show. Teenagers love something to relate to and encouragement. Glee is not a boring doctor or cop show that is completely unrealistic. Maybe they go a little extreme on what high school is like, but hey, at least it's an interesting and engaging show that is actually quite hilarious. This show is totally relatable to. The members of the Glee club are family. They always stick up for each other. Also, the members aren't all popular. Most of them are considered losers. This shows that not everyone gets to be the head cheerleader and this makes teens feel good inside. Glee is all about how you need to be yourself and never quit on your dreams. It inspires teenagers to be themselves and stick up for what is right.


Glee may not be appropriate for kids 12 and under because, of course, it's about high school kids. Though this show may not be everyone's favorite thing in the world, the third season's sure to be a bang because some of the members are gearing up for college… and us Gleeks (extreme Glee fans) can't wait to see what other songs they'll remake and how the producers and directors are going to end this "show-mance". If you are interested in or want to know more about this hit TV series, "Glee, The Beginning" was released in the library. Or, you can also watch Glee, season three, at seven to eight pm, Tuesdays, on Fox. Everyone, it's time to "free your glee." Glee is a show that has taken over the hearts of many Americans. Glee is the show that encourages teens to follow their dreams and be themselves. And to not let ANYONE get in their way while doing it.