Adventures in Rocky Mountain National Park


Caitlynn Hansen writes, Adventures in Rocky Mountain National ParkRocky Mountain National Park is a place you just can’t miss.

Adventures in Rocky Mountain National ParkRocky Mountain National Park is a place you just can’t miss. Rocky Mountain National Park is located near Estes Park, Colorado. You can bring a tent, stay in a hotel, or stay in a cabin like we experienced. There are a lot of lakes and rivers up there. It’s pretty cool! You should know that the traffic is busy. The park rangers are pretty smart. They know every inch of the park. They are able to answer questions right off the top of their heads.In late September and early October you can have a whole day of amazing colors. It’s like you are looking at a splatter painting! The ground is covered with leaves. There are red ones, orange ones, and yellow ones. It’s just so gorgeous. The aspens are spectacular. When the wind blows, the leaves shimmer. When the sun shines it looks like a lava lamp. The wildlife here is awesome. There are elks, squirrels, foxes, jays, and more. The elk are everywhere! I’d be surprised if you didn’t see one. The elk are actually bugling. There are so many amazing sounds. Bugling is the sound a male elk makes to attract a female elk. It sounds like a broken siren from a fire truck. The best time to hear an elk bugle is at sunset. They seem to think it is romantic. You have to be quiet and not talk because it’s hard to hear with all the noise around. The meadow closes at 5pm and you are told to be no more than 10 feet from the road. This is so you don’t frighten the elk at bedtime. If you ask a park ranger you can get an activity booklet to fill out to become a Junior Ranger. The booklet teaches you all about the National Park. You learn about the habitats of the park, the animals that live there, and the plants and flowers you might find. When you are done you share your answers with a Park Ranger, make a promise to protect the park, and the ranger will give you a badge. After that they announce you are the newest Jr. Ranger. Then everyone celebrates and claps! You feel appreciated.If you have time you’ll want to hike. I recommend Chasm Falls or Bierstadt Lake. You will see plants, wildlife, lakes, friendly people, and really lovely flowers. The view is like a glorious painting. Take my advice and go enjoy the wonderful adventures at Rocky Mountain National ParkCaitlynn Hansen5 th Grade