10 Trick-or-Treating Tips




Have you ever felt unsafe Trick-or-treating? Well if you have, you know it is not a good feeling. Here are some tips on safe trick-or-treating for you to use this Halloween.

     1. Never trick-or-treat alone. Instead go with your family or with friends that you trust.

     2. Don't go to a complete stranger's house; make sure you have met them before.

     3. Make sure you or somebody with you knows the neighborhood well enough that you don't get lost or trip on things.

     4. Never pick up candy if you find it on the ground. Who knows what happened to it; it could have been stepped on or it could have been there for a while.

     5. If you see somebody strange that you don't think should be there, just walk past and leave them alone or turn back and go somewhere else.

     6. You should never go too far from home unless you or someone with you knows how to get home without getting lost.

     7. Halloween costumes may be fun but never trick-or-treat in something if you can't move well or have a hard time seeing in your costume.

       8. If houses don't have pumpkins, lights or Halloween decorations you should not Trick-or-treat there. It means that they are either not home, asleep, have no candy or don't want trick- or- treaters.

     9. If you are the one handing out candy, never take candy from the trick-or-treaters. It may be stale, old or even expired.

     10. HAVE FUN! And never forget to be safe and have fun at the same time.