Cinda Chima on the throne of fantasy


I went to the Tattered Cover Bookstore to interview Cinda Williams Chima.

I went to the Tattered Cover Bookstore to interview Cinda Williams Chima. She has just published her new book, "The Gray Wolf Throne," which is part of her second series, "The Seven Realms." This series takes place far away and long ago, and is best suited for kids 12 and older. She also writes the "Heir Series," which includes "The Wizard Heir," "The Warrior Heir" and "The Dragon Heir" and is set in present day Ohio. That series is for kids 10 and up. She writes for both boys and girls. ." The stories make more sense if you read them in order but you don't have to. 


"I would love to see a dragon, but I don't think that they are actually living things." Tolkien is one of Chima's favorite authors. He was one of the first fantasy authors. In every fantasy book, you will see some of his style, even if you do not know that.


"I like getting lost in writing fiction, as if I am experiencing the same things happening to my characters. Ideas are everywhere and you never know what will come to mind." Chima explains that one of the best parts of writing is that she thinks of a scene, and then she can't wait to write it. "I think the best part of being an author is meeting my readers." She also finds that spending time with other authors is a great thing about her career.


First drafts are hard, because they are worry some. "What if it is too long or not long enough or what if I never get to the end?" Her sons always read her manuscript before she gives it to the editor. "It takes me like 6 months to write the first draft and 5 months to edit."


Chima says that more and more people read her books as e-books. She likes e-books for traveling, but she prefers paperback to easily flip back to a different page. Chima's books are translated to a lot of languages; Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and a few more.