Colorado Kids get tour of Colorado History Museum


Dannika Harris writes, They’re several museums in Colorado…

They’re several museums in Colorado, The Art Museum, The Natural Science Museum, and coming soon, the new and improved Colorado History Museum. This past weekend, The Colorado Kids Reporters had the opportunity to visit the Colorado History Museum in Denver, Colorado. This museum is still under construction, but we got the basic outline of it.April, (school program director), was our tour guide on our adventure across the floors of history. Our first stop on the tour was the Records Room; this room held all the important documents to Colorado history like newspapers, diaries, scrapbooks, and pictures. You might be thinking, how could we fit hundreds of years of documents in one place? Well, all the important documents have been put on tapes of picture like material, so they could fit all the information. To hold all the information, they have huge storage areas with roll out shelves, this thing is gigantic and has climate control built into it to keep the documents not too hot or too cold. April said, ” we here believe that everything, not just documents tells a story”.After visiting the storage room, we ventured to the next hall.This contained information and models about the Native Americans that helped form Colorado, such as the Ute tribe and will hold information on the Sand Creek Massacre incident. Right next to these exhibits, there is a mining model. This mining experience will allow you to touch and act like a real miner with computer simulation. Yes, I said you can touch these artifact models, the Colorado History workers encourage you to interact with the lesson. There are several exhibits that you can now touch and interact with.Wait, it gets better, the next place we went was the main floor.This floor will have the Colorado map drawn on it .On this map there will be two machines which you push across Colorado and when you reach a “hot spot” the machine will start to tell a story. Above the map, there is a video player which when you land on a “hot spot” you not only get to listen to the story, you also get to see a video of the place you landed on. Who knew that a map of Colorado that you see in texts books, could be so computerized?Everywhere you look, everything is made in Colorado. For example, the wooden floors, which are made out of beetle kill wood and the artist who is designing the Colorado map is from here in Colorado.The Colorado History Museum is made for all ages and the first phase of the museum will open the spring of 2012. For more information please visit