Touring History Colorado


Caitlynn Hansen writes, Touring History Colorado CenterHistory Colorado Center is an all new museum that is coming in Spring 2012.

Touring History Colorado CenterHistory Colorado Center is an all new museum that is coming in Spring 2012. It is located in downtown Denver near the post office. The Colorado Kids reporters were given a tour by JJ Rutherford. This whole entire building cost $131 million dollars! That’s amazing. Not all of the exhibits will be ready when the museum opens in the Spring; they will continue to expand as time and funding allow. The museum has over 300,000 objects in its inventory.This building is friendly to the environment. The floor is made of 20% recycled glass. It looked like shredded paper scattered all over the floor. The ceiling is made of beetle-kill pine. It is a pretty tan color. On the website, it says that this building is a LEED building which means it is a recognized green building certified by the green building council. LEED stands for Leadership, Energy, Environment, and Design.There is also a photo studio in there. A photo studio is where people take pictures of the objects to display. We also were shown the design and production shop. That is where they sew and build things that kind of look like the original, but it just doesn’t have the same quality. They also make food props, which is plastic food that looks like real food. While we were touring we also saw a woodworking shop. A woodworking shop is where they make things out of wood. For example, they made cabinets and shelves. They are considering adding a restaurant to the museum. They are having a difficult time deciding what the name should be. The restaurant will be open even when the museum is closed.In the center of the floor, near the entrance, there is a huge and wonderful map with the four corners and rivers and cities. They are going to make a “time machine” that you can push around on the map. It will tell you historical facts about the area of the map you have it on. Also while we were touring we met a man with a mustache. His name is Keith Shrum. He is the curator of books and manuscripts. He showed us a desk made of weaved aspens. It was beautiful. The rarest book in the library is the Deseret Alphabet used by the Mormons.Touring this museum was amazing! Of all these things I hope you find something to do and like it as much as I do. If you need a break from a bad day of work or whatever I recommend you go to the all new museum; History Colorado Center. Caitlynn Hansen5 th gradeThornton, CO