Treasures of the Four Corners- Mesa Verde


Christian Liley writes, Thinking of going on a vacation soon? If so, you should go to Mesa Verde National Park.

Thinking of going on a vacation soon? If so, you should go to Mesa Verde National Park. Mesa Verde means Green Table in Spanish. You can camp inside of the National Park, or stay in the Far View Lodge, also inside the National Park.There are a lot of Park Rangers in Mesa Verde National Park. They have a lot of knowledge on all of the Cliff Dwellings that the Anasazi made over 700 years ago. They can also help you when you have questions about the Cliff Dwellings and Tours.If you ask a Park Ranger, you can get a Junior Ranger booklet. The Booklet is Free, and contains many activities inside to help you learn about Mesa Verde. This program is available to children ages 4 and up. This book has activities inside that you do at the National Park’s Museum, Cliff Dwellings, or anywhere else in the park.Once you have completed the booklet, take it to any Ranger Station, and they will go over it with you. Once they see it is all complete and correct, you will be sworn in as a Junior Ranger. You will take the Junior Ranger Pledge as well. I am currently a Junior Ranger in Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and Mesa Verde National Park. You can be Junior Rangers in multiple parks as well.In 2002, there was a huge fire in the national park, which burned over 50% of the vegetation & land burned. Luckily, none of the Cliff Dwellings burned. When you drive trough the middle of the national park, all you see is dead, dead, and more dead and burnt trees. They say it is going to take over 300 years for the new forests to grow back fully.Mesa Verde has tons of cliff dwellings, pueblos, Kivas, and Cliff Dwellings that you can visit. My favorite is either Cliff Palace, or Spruce Tree House. Cliff Palace is their biggest Cliff Dwelling in the National Park.At Spruce Tree House, you can go inside a Kiva which its roof was reconstructed by the National Park Service. Also, at any Cliff Dwelling, you can purchase a trail guide, which is 50 cents if you want to take it home. It is Free if you want to look at it only when you are at the Cliff Dwelling. It tells you many things from features of the Cliff Dwelling, to the history of the Dwelling.I recommend going to Mesa Verde since it is amazing to see that all of these ruins have been there for over 700 years!