Horoscopes October 24 to November 22


Natalie Bollig writes, Horoscopes are completely fictional.

Horoscopes are completely fictional. They are not based on facts but are just mere observations. Some believe they have some truth to them… want to see what your astrological sign is?If you were born in October 24 to November 22, you are a Scorpio. You guys will do great in business! You’ll be a responsible and respected manager. You are a very intense person. Unfortunately, you are the jealous type. You tend to get into a great deal of trouble because of your intense feelings. Of course, these feelings can also be used for good.Tip: Try to use your intense feelings for good. Don’t ever get jealous. Your time will come for you to shine. It’s okay to have feelings but don’t go overboard. Have a great year and follow your dreams.Remember, horoscopes are completely fictional; they are not based on real facts but they are just purely for your entertainment. Thank you for reading this month’s astrological sign horoscopes. If your birthday wasn’t through October 24 to November 22, check out Yourhub next month… you may be in it.