More than Dinosaurs at the Museum


There are more than dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature and Science. Did you know that orphan elephants and orangutans have fairy godmothers?

There are more than dinosaurs at the Museum of Nature and Science. Did you know that orphan elephants and orangutans have fairy godmothers? Both these baby elephants and orangutans were born to be wild but their parents were killed by humans; poachers kill elephants for the ivory in their tusks. Also, humans are constantly tearing down rainforests which are the orangutans' home. In other words, these animals were born into a dangerous world without a mother to raise them… there is almost no chance of surviving. Their fairy-godmothers are Dame Daphne Sheldrick (elephant rescuer in Kenya) and Dr. Birute Galikas (orangutan rescuer in the lush rainforests in Africa). Because of these fairy-godmothers, these adorable creatures get a second chance to live in Born to be Wild 3D, an IMAX film.


Dame and Dr. Birute rescue the orphaned animals and raise them. Dame Daphne Sheldrick's elephant helpers raise the elephants by feeding them a certain formula so that they can grow strong and healthy without their mothers' milk. They teach the elephants tricks like playing soccer. Some baby elephants have trouble sleeping so the helpers may have to stay with them all night.Dr. Birute Galdikas's workers support the baby orangutans also by giving them a special formula. They give the orangutans a jungle gym with lots of ropes and climbing equipment. When Dr. Birute Galdikas releases the orangutans back into the rainforest, they will be able to climb trees instantly. The orangutans are hilarious; they try to copy human behavior by holding hands with their fairy-godmother. After the animals are ready, Dame and Doctor release the elephants and orangutans back into the wild. The fairy-godmothers gave them the stepping stones to live. Now the elephants' and orangutans' fate only depends on themselves.


Born to be Wild 3D was an awesome documentary. It's great for all ages and it will, no doubt, inspire you. I realized that I too, am the reason that so many animals (not just elephants and orangutans) are becoming extinct. If I could make a difference, so could everyone else. I realize that all exotic animals will become extinct if humans keep tearing down trees, polluting the earth, or just killing animals for the fun of it. Born to be Wild 3D was really adorable. The baby elephants and orangutans were so cute. I wanted to go to Africa just so I could pet them or sleep with them. The fuzz on the animals is completely irresistible and I think half of audience in the theatre was constantly saying "Awwww," including myself. Born to be Wild 3D was also very interesting. It's amazing what some people can do, even if it's just having a bond with an animal for half of their lives… a bond that is so strong that it can never be broken. I love seeing the bond Dr. Galdikas and Dame have with their elephants/orangutans. It was so cool watching these human-raised animals go back into the wild, to actually live like their ancestors did.


Born to be Wild 3D is rated G and the length is 40 minutes. This documentary is playing at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Want to know more about these dying species, and how two women have changed the world? If the movie Earth caught onto you, you love animals, or you just want to be inspired, you should watch Born to be Wild 3D. It will be a great experience for you, your family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else.