Paws Down for “Puss in Boots”


"Puss in Boots", the new 3D animated movie, is a tale of betrayal, friendship, and adventure.

"Puss in Boots", the new 3D animated movie, is a tale of betrayal, friendship, and adventure. However, the movie sounds a lot better than it actually is, so don't get too excited just yet. Puss and Boots, in my opinion, was a cheesy and predictable movie.


Puss and Boots is a mixed fairy tale including some very famous characters: Puss, his friend (or is it his enemy?) Humpty Dumpty and the notorious thieves Jack and Jill. This movie also introduces some new characters, like Kitty Softpaws, who Puss falls head over heels for. The two cats join Humpty in a quest to find magic beans, grow a giant beanstalk and steal a goose who lays golden eggs.


This movie wasn't very exciting or funny. Sure, it had some amusing parts, like when Puss used his big green eyes to convince the guards let him out of jail, or when he tried to catch a flashlight beam that Kitty Softpaws was controlling. However, these rare funny moments just melt into the background of the movie. There are no lines that you can revisit later and crack up about.


The movie also seemed to rely on the same joke too much. Humpty Dumpty, being an egg, couldn't get up by himself, and he was constantly falling down and rolling away. I got very tired of that."Puss in Boots" didn't have any real adventure scenes that you were clinging onto your chair for, either. Its big adventure moments were short and predictable. For example, when Jack and Jill were chasing Humpty, Puss, and Kitty, you knew the heroes would eventually get away. This movie was also a little bit cheesy, because at the end, everyone learned their lesson about friendship, and forgave each other for all the bad things they had done to one another.


However, this movie had a few good perks to it, too. The 3-D had some very good effects, like when Puss, Kitty, and Humpty were playing in the clouds. This 3-D effect was very enjoyable because all of us, at some point in our lives, have lain on the grass, looked up at the sky, and wondered what it would be like to stand on the clouds. The 3-D was also very good when the magic beanstalk shot out of the ground. If you are looking to see this movie, I would definitely recommend seeing it in 3-D.


This movie may appeal to some people, including those who really liked "Shrek," but for me, it wasn't exciting or funny. All in all, after watching this movie, the only thing I have left to say is, "Paws down to Puss in Boots."