Trashie toys? Maybe


Adam Hangland writes, Trashies are new toys made by Moose.

Trashies are new toys made by Moose. They are little collectables that don’t do anything. If you like to collect things, or if you like trash and gross things, this might be the best toy for you. If you like toys that are active and action packed, Trashies are the complete opposite. Determining the names is confusing. They have weird names like Trashrat and Senor Slime that are not listed on the package. These toys are definitely for younger boys. They are good for younger boys because young boys are very creative and enjoy gross stuff. These toys have absolutely no gore or blood, just little things you find in your garbage, like rats and fruit skins. They also have easy pack away storage trash packs where you can pack away your Trashies and put them in your closet or nightstand drawer. Overall, I would recommend Trashies for boys age 5-8 because older than that would lose interest, and younger would not get the concept. These toys range from 2.99 to 19.99 dollars and can only be found at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. If you’re into slime and goo, this may be the toy for you.