Doug Friednash: Denver City Attorney Interview


Lauren Huttner writes, Lawyers or “attorneys” are interesting and important jobs even though they don’t seem like it.

Lawyers or “attorneys” are interesting and important jobs even though they don’t seem like it. Denver City Attorney, Doug Friednash has a pretty interesting life. So with the help of my dad, I had the chance to interview Denver’s new city attorney.Doug Friednash, 49, never thought he would become an attorney. In fact, he thought he would be a teacher or a writer. He says being an attorney is the job for you if you like arguing. In his job as Denver city attorney he spends many hours in meetings. He usually sits through 10-15 meetings a day! He works from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the usual day. When I interviewed him, he was hard a work with the outrageous Occupy Denver.Mayor Michael Hancock appointed Doug Friednash. Doug Friednash says “you can do anything with your life. Don’t just take a job.” Doug was appointed the place of city attorney by trying his best. He was proud when his “pal” appointed him.Doug Friednash graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbra in 1984 and graduated from San Diego School of Law in 1987. He is on the San Diego Alumni Association Board of Directors. He graduated from Manual High school in 1983.Doug used to work for the law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP. ” Working for a law firm isn’t as much fun as being the city attorney,” says Doug. He was involved in some high-profile cases in 1992- 1996. Doug is also on the Denver Public School Board of Directors, which makes him feel good about giving back the community. Doug now works at The Denver City and County Building on floor three, room 353 with his friend, Mayor Michael Hancock who has a way bigger office then Doug.Doug says that he has to work with many different opinions. What is hard about being city attorney is negotiating. He loves his job and plus, all the people who had the job before loved it, too. ” It is the best job he has ever had.”Doug Friednash is a great advocate for kids. Kids though should remember “Don’t just take a job, take a job that you enjoy.” Like Doug did, try your best and never give up just because you lost an election.