New Story of the Minotaur


Ariadne is training to become a priestess of the moon.

Ariadne is training to become a priestess of the moon. She lives on Krete (now we spell it Crete) and her mother is the high priestess there, known as she-who-is-goddess, and basically the queen of the Kretian people. The rest of Ariadne's family consists of Asterion, her brother. Asterion is terribly deformed and he must be locked in what we call the labyrinth for his own safety.


Ariadne has just found out that her mother is pregnant, and she is worried because her mother is older, and many women her age didn't survive the birth of their babies. Besides that, Ariadne is quite lonely because she is training to be high priestess, so everyone avoids her. Her only friends are Asterion and her mother.


Theseus is an Athenian, who discovers his father is king of Greece, is sent to Krete as a tribute to the Minos, king of Krete, along with his stepsister, Prokris, and several others. Theseus is meant to amuse the minotaur, Asterion, though all the others sent before him have been accidentally killed. Prokris hatches a plan for the both of them to survive. Will their plan work? Will Ariadne's mother survive? Will Ariadne finally get a friend? Or will she go on to become priestess, living a long, lonely life, as her mother?


"Dark of the Moon," written by Tracy Barrett, puts a new twist on the classic myth of the minotaur. The myth has a tragic ending for everyone. Will the book end with the same? This is a good book for people who like Greek/Kretian mythology. It is a bit confusing if you know nothing of Kretian customs of this time period. The story is told in first person, going back and forth from Ariadne to Theseus.


I would recommend it to girls ages 12 and up. "Dark of the Moon" is a mysterious story all the way through, and readers must wait for the plot to unravel like the magic balls of yarn Ariadne's mother keeps.