Share a Room With my Sister… NO WAY!!


     "Ten Rules for Living With my Sister" by Ann M.

     "Ten Rules for Living With my Sister" by Ann M. Martin is a 228-page story that is a truly wonderful book about the main character, Pearl, who must overcome struggles along with her sister Lexie. The book starts out to Pearl's disappointment because of the homemade "NO PEARL" sign on Lexie's door. Pearl has a comparison chart of herself and Lexie but clearly (according to the chart) Lexie is better than Pearl in all ways.


     Justine, who lives in the apartment next door is a 1st grader who is Pearl's best friend even though Pearl is a 4 th grader. Justine is Pearl's best friend because of three bad things that happened to Pearl in 3rd grade. Because of this, nobody else in Pearl's grade wants to be her friend. One night at dinner Pearl hides Lexie's new purple shoes behind the curtains so Lexie stomps off saying "I am no longer speaking to you Pearl." This is what Lexie often says when she is mad at her younger sister.


     When Daddy Bo (Grandpa) falls, he has to move in with the family and Pearl has to move into Lexie's room… even though they annoy and practically hate each other. Time moves quickly with Daddy Bo; its Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then Valentine's Day! One day, when only Pearl and Daddy Bo are home, Daddy Bo drags Pearl to New Jersey. He used to live there but what Daddy Bo doesn't know is that his old house has been sold. His family has bought him an assisted living home. He starts to cry and they sit on the porch for a long time.


     Will Lexie and Pearl learn to share a room? How will Daddy Bo and Pearl get home? Read "Ten Rules for Living With my Sister" to find out. I really enjoyed this book for the way it made me feel like I was inside the story and how it was told from Pearl's perspective. I would recommend this book to any young person who fights with their sister sometimes.