The Drop


Cambria Pilger writes, “What about that tall one? It looks like fun.

“What about that tall one? It looks like fun. It’s just like that ride we went on in Disney world!” my mom suggested, pointing at the ride ahead of us.”There is no way that I’m getting on that thing,” I replied. “You can beg me all you want, but I’m not doing it!””Come on, Cambria. It’ll be fun!” my friend, Antonia, said, trying to pull me with her towards the ride. Being the only kid in our group that wasn’t going to do it, I felt a little embarrassed. It was too scary and far too tall. I was afraid of so many things.After a while of them pleading and begging me to go on, I said no. Finally when they started walking away, though, I gave in. My heart was pounding as we walked towards it; I was about to do the impossible. I was so scared I thought I was going to pee. While I walked up the steps and my gut tried to push me back and stop me from doing it. But I just ignored it and continued going.”That’ll be four tickets, please,” the ride manager said. “And don’t forget to take off your sandals so they don’t fly up.”I didn’t even look at him – I just handed him the tickets and took off my shoes by the railing. We found some seats and strapped ourselves in. But as soon as the machine started to lift up, my gut dropped. I felt like I wanted to jump off and run back home. I’d been on the Tower of Terror at Disney World before but this was different. This was scarier. There were noises creaking from the machine moving up. On my right was a girl, on my left, my friend. About thirty feet above, I thought we were done. The ride starting slowing down and I felt a little bit of relief. When I looked down, everything stopped. We were so high up I swore I could touch the clouds. My heart was beating so fast I could have passed out. When I looked down, my parents were there at the bottom motioning thumbs up and air-blown kisses. “Oh no, I think it’s going to drop now,” I said to my friend, closing my eyes. We were both afraid. She agreed with me and when we kept lifting up slowly, we started to count down. “5. 4. 3. 2. 1?” Suddenly all my blood rushed to my brain as we zoomed down. Shoes flew up around me and people screamed with me. I felt like the ride was a mouth and I was soda, getting burped out when we when down. We got permission to get off and I quickly ripped off my seatbelt and jumped down, running to my parents.”That was so awesome!” I told them. “I was so afraid that we were going to die but that was so fun! We should go again!” We had no more tickets so I could not go on the ride a second time. But I felt good inside that I had faced my fear of heights and that I had enjoyed it. That was the scariest yet most fun moment of my life. I will never regret facing my fears! I learned a lesson of never being afraid to try something new, no matter how scary you think it might be.