Can Christmas Happen Without a Present?


     A Christmas Without a Present, Can it Happen?

     A Christmas Without a Present, Can it Happen? In the movie "Arthur Christmas," a child has not gotten her Christmas present and Santa doesn't have enough time to get to her house before the sun rises, so he doesn't try until he realizes that one child is as important as every other child. Arthur is Santa's son and he can't stand the thought that one child won't get something from Santa. "Arthur Christmas" was hilarious because of the characters.


     This is a little bit of what happened in the almost two-hour movie. It's Christmas and Santa is flying around the world in his high-technology air craft like normal but when he gets home he finds out that a child has been missed. He forgot one present and one child doesn't have a Christmas present to open on Christmas morning. Arthur and Grand-Santa decide to take the reindeer and sleigh to deliver the last present but there are a lot of struggles to overcome and a lot of accomplishments to be made.


     Loading everything in the sleigh is one of the funniest parts. Another funny part is when Grand-Santa thinks that Africa is England and then France. When lions attack the reindeer, Arthur sprinkles magic dust down, all the animals around them start floating in the air. There are a lot of other funny parts too.


     People on earth are mistaking sightings of Grand-Santa and Arthur for a UFO and everyone is going crazy. People are also mistaking Arthur for an alien because they think aliens are trying to take over Earth. Will the missed child get her present? Will Grand-Santa and Arthur be able to get the child her present and get home? Watch the movie to find out.


     I think all people would love this movie because it was hilarious, not violent, not boring and the theater was filled with laughter during the whole movie. It doesn't matter if you see it in 3-D or not, it's still funny. The movie is great for everyone. The movie will be in theaters on November 23 rd.