‘Hugo’ in 3D-Humorous, Happiness, and a Heart


Hannah Skurcenski writes, Hugo is a 3D movie that is based on the novel by Brian Selnick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret.

Hugo is a 3D movie that is based on the novel by Brian Selnick, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. This movie is about a boy named Hugo (played by Ana Butterfield) who lives in a train station in the early 1930’s in Paris, France. After Hugo’s dad dies in a fire, Hugo goes to live with his uncle Claude in the train station to help him keep the clocks in the station running.Then, when Claude dies, Hugo is on his own. He lives in the walls of the station and steals food from the food carts to eat. Hugo has to be careful, however, or the station’s Chief Inspector might catch him and send him to an orphanage. Hugo’s dad had worked with machines as a passion of his, and Hugo did the same. His dad had found an abandoned automaton that was broken in a museum, and Hugo was determined to fix it. An automaton is a mechanical device that is made to imitate a human being’s actions, like writing or painting.As Hugo steals toy parts from the station’s toy shop, who is owned by George Melies, he gets closer and closer to revealing the mystery of what the automaton does. When George finds out that Hugo is stealing the parts, he catches him and makes Hugo come in to the shop every day to pay for the parts that he stole. George finds Hugo’s notebook, filled with drawings of clocks and the automaton, and when George sees it, he takes it and threatens to burn it to ashes.While working on the automaton after work, Hugo notices a heart-shaped key hole in the back of the automaton that seems to be the ‘key’ to making the automation work. With the help of Isabelle, (played by ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) George Melies’ grand-daughter, he tries to get the machine to work to reveal its secret. Does Hugo find the heart-shaped key? Does he get sent to the orphanage? What will the automaton do? Watch this movie to find out! I give this book 5 out of 5 automatons because it was super interesting and full of adventure, although the 3D effects were not that spectacular. Merci! (thanks)