Plush Pillow Pets Come to Life


Oh no, all your Pillow Pet friends are lost in a bad dream and need your help to get out!

Oh no, all your Pillow Pet friends are lost in a bad dream and need your help to get out! In the Pillow Pets game for the Nintendo DS you can run and jump to move around in different lands to find all your friends who got stuck in bad dreams. Your pet can also glide in this game where the Velcro holding the Pillow Pet together will undo so the pet will glide. Along the way you collect stars and get accessories including hats, sunglasses, wings and a lot more. There are over 40 accessories to collect.


After finding your friends you can put them in silly outfits and give them a new name. Sometimes when you are playing you will find other Pillow Pets that are not lost but need your help and you can find something for them. When you are not running around looking for friends, you are in the playroom where you can just hang with your other Pillow Pet friends that you have rescued.


This game is geared toward young children maybe 4 to 6 years of age but people could still have fun playing it up to age 8. The game is very repetitive so that might start to bore older children but younger children could get the hang of the game and love it. Pillow Pets is a good game for children because there is no violence at all and you cannot die. This game would work okay for children under the age of 4 if they do not get easily upset, because sometimes it takes a little while before you will find another of your friends. However, the creators tried to fix that by making it where there are a lot of stars you can collect and after you collect them they will reappear rather quickly.


The retail price of the Pillow Pets game is about $20 which is a great price for a Christmas gift. This game would be really fun for kids that are younger and like Pillow Pets and going on adventures. It is also great for kids that cannot read yet because there are only a couple of things you have to read and they really don't matter that much.