Mysterious country in Europe


Peter Peczek writes, What is the hardest language on the Word? Not Chinese or Japanese.

What is the hardest language on the Word? Not Chinese or Japanese. Polish.I was born in Poland and lived there 11 years. I came to U.S. one year ago. But what is Poland? It’s country in Europe, bordering Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia. Now Poland is 124,547 sqare miles – About the size of Colorado. There was time when Poland covered over 600,000 sqare miles – that’s almost 3 times the size of Texas.During over 500 years Poland had one of the best, biggest and most well-trained armies in Europe. Poland was very important country in Europe’s history. The WW2 was began when Germany and Russia attacked Poland on September 1st 1939. Polish people were very brave and fought powerful enemy. Poland’s allies – England and France – started war with Germany and Russia. Then most of countries on the world started fighting on one of sides.As you probably know, U.S.A. had the first constitution on the world. But what you may not know is that Poland was the second. Now Poland is small but it still has some achievements. For example, on November 28 Poland had beaten U.S. 3:0 in volleyball. Polish last names very often end with -ski or -icz. Maybe your last name is Polish? Poland is amazing country with very interesting history.To learn more about Poland, visit: